Mobile Responsive Website Should Be Mandatory And Not Optional

By admin -30 May 2018

The thought of creating a website draws a caricature of the desktop version in the owner’s mind. The desktop browser is the primary imagination of creating a website as it is what we were served with first. However, times have changed and smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. With this in mind, a mobile website or as technically called “responsive” website should be created. Many people keep it as a secondary option which is just not fair analysing the majority of adults using these devices.

In this blog, I have tried to bring up some strong reasons that represent a fair side of why you should create a responsive website for your business, if you don’t have it yet. Keep reading!

When you don’t have a responsive website, you have no place in Google search results when browsed on mobile

Not having a mobile-responsive website would bring you great loss, a level you wouldn’t have imagined. You will lose on the larger audience who use mobile phones for web searches as you won’t be placed on those devices without a responsive version of your website.

When you have a responsive version, it will bring you more customers

This is one honest and fair game in the digital space! You make the effort and you get rewarded for it. Creating a mobile-optimised website will help you attract the larger audience spending a major time with their smartpohones and other Android and iOS devices.

A close research on the scenario revealed the traffic and performance of a website:

  • Mobile traffic before responsive version: 4% of the total visitors
  • Mobile traffic after responsive version: 40% of the total visitors

Additional information:

  • Mobile login is 3times greater than desktop logins
  • Product conversions 8% high on mobile
  • Consumption on mobile 5 times greater
  • Consistent mobile visits are 10 times greater
  • Mobile page views 42% higher

Your users do almost everything on mobiles as they do on desktops – no matter if it is buying diamonds!

This is a big reason you would make the effort of creating a responsive version of your website. When you know, every small and big thing is done in mobile phones. You have a greater chance of increased conversions through mobile.

Now that you know the major reasons why a responsive website is important, never take it as a secondary option any more.